Oman Research and Education Network OMREN has launched a Domain Hosting service for its members as an initiative to support research and education communities in Oman. The launch of this service comes to meet the needs of educational and research institutions for stable, secure, and reliable internet domains. This service also contributes to supporting and enhancing the local hosting of domains in Oman.

The benefit of using the service provided by OMREN is to provide free domain hosting with automatic renewal of domains. In addition to DNS management with simple end user-friendly control panel to manage the domain and keep records of all relevant information in case there are configuration problems in the future

OMREN is also working on providing a 24/7 support plan for the members to migrate their domains to the OMREN Domain Hosting service.

OMREN request the IT teams in universities and colleges to work to utilize and benefit from this service.

As the official research & Education network in Oman, OMREN aims to provide the research and education community with a collaborative infrastructure that adapts to their needs and enabling prospective collaborations with other partners.