Data Mining

Data plays a pivotal role in making various decisions, and is therefore an essential tool in supporting planning and decision-making processes. The Omani Research and Education Network (OMREN) offers a Estebyan service to the Omani company Data Mining, which works on simplifying data collection and analyzing descriptive data. This service aims to help users understand data trends and build on them to make informed decisions. This service is not included in the membership fees and can be offered at discounted prices for OMREN members. For more information, please visit the website

  • Easy to use
  • Supports multiple languages (Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu)
  • Ensures complete data confidentiality
  • Conducts opinion surveys
  • Allows input of simple mathematical equations
  • Provides continuous survey monitoring and access to the latest updates
  • Performs descriptive analysis through tables and charts
  • Converts raw data into Excel-compatible files.

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