National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) around the world provide critical high-bandwidth connectivity to research and educational institutions for the purpose of having collaborative research and education services (e.g. online virtual libraries, virtual labs, telemedicine, grid computing, cloud computing, high-performance computing, video conferencing …etc). NREN’s members create bridges for virtual collaboration between themselves locally and globally with their distributed communities and peers.

IT networks are now fully integrated into higher education’s core operations and become essential for its research and education mission. Nevertheless, colleges and universities are not only focusing their efforts on the basic requirements of having reliable, scalable, secure, adaptable, and fault-tolerant networks but are also further leveraging their networks to strategic ends. They are using networking capabilities in diverse and creative ways to enhance institutional competitiveness and facilitate strategic goals.

OMREN aims to partner with Research & Education Sector by providing world-class e-infrastructure for their practical needs. OMREN works with a vision to enable innovation, research, education, and strategic and International e- collaboration for the research and education community of the Sultanate of Oman. OMREN has established a strategic partnership with OmanTel, the national telecommunication service provider, to build, operate, and maintain this national research and education network which will promote scientific research in Oman.