Digital repositories are gaining great importance within universities and research centers because they allow the possibility for digital data saving and provides availability at a local, regional and global level. They have the potential to greatly contribute to the development of the educational curriculum and increase research production, as well as acting as a regional collective between libraries, universities and research centers. The important role played by research repositories in providing various open data sources, have resulted in the increase of research production over the last decade, which is in line with the needs of the beneficiaries of those repositories. Moreover, in accordance with international statistics, the number of digital repositories have risen to exceed four thousand in various disciplines, which shows their importance in developing educational and scientific processes within higher education institutions and universities. The digital repositories have facilitated the task of providing open resources for researchers, which have led to increased number of articles and magazines with free open- access, as proven in the statistics showing an increase in the numbers of articles and magazines during the past ten years. The current project aspires to create an electronic database of research, studies, journal articles, abstracts research, Omani specialized academic statistics, and innovation materials that were written or compiled in the Sultanate of Oman and viewed on a specific website (indexed and classified according to the modern systems base) in order to ease the access and utilization of researchers and innovators and to clarify the role of the institutions and responsible bodies for the dissemination and issuance.

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  • The collected researches are classified based on the global standards.
  • Preservation of scarce resources and facilitate easy access to whoever interested
  • Organize, manage & save of the outcome of Omani academic research as well as indexed, categorized and standardized digital repositories.
  • Provide special audio-visual services according to the rules and principle of research and innovation, this is available for the special needs according to WCAG.

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