With the support of the Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) and with the cooperation of the National Career Guidance Center, Directorate of Education in the Sharqiya North, Ibra College of Technology launched in 26 / 1/ 2020 the activities of the Future Technology Program / 21st Century Skills. And that was organized with the aim of exploiting the quarterly vacation period for school students and providing students with some information and skills in the fields taught at the College of Technology. The program lasted for five days until Thursday 30/1/2020.

the program Organized to target the students from the sixth to eleventh grade to give them an experience for the university education stage. The program includes training in (programming mobile applications / Arduino / robotics / computer maintenance / English language / electronic publishing/photography) and the students were divided into several groups according to the desire of each student in the program he preferred.

The total number of participants from the governorate is 80 students. A number of trainers from the college are training students, in addition to last year students, with the support of a number of lecturers.

Dr. Fatima Al-Harithiya, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the College of Technology, affirmed the importance of establishing these forums in enhancing the skills of school students and providing them with useful information and skills and enabling them to benefit from the services and facilities of the college, as well as involving the college students in the last year in training school students.