The 4th Edu mini-conference was organized by the European advanced network GEANT to discuss the role and impact of national research and education networks to the educational sector both locally and internationally.

OMREN has proudly participated in the conference to benefit from the experiences and methods applied by the European R&E community during pandemic and Lockdown.

The event held eight different Sessions addressing different challenges and best practices Such as Trust and Identity infrastructures and how to deliver online services to support education and remote learning. And the Experience during (and after) pandemic, different ideas to emerge and Technical Challenges in the age of working and studying from home.

And most important was the discussion of the NRENs role in the global impact on education

And Actions to be taken and collaboration areas for the benefit of the Education Sector.

The event saw the participation of many network’s representatives and specialists, sharing their experiences of scaling up their services and support during the lockdown. GEANT support over 10,000 institutions and 50 million academic users Including 20 million students for higher education.