In the presence of Dr. Saif bin Abdullah Al-Hadabi, Assistant Secretary-General for Scientific Programs and Research, and Deputy Vice-Chancellors and researchers from OMREN member research and education organizations. The OMREN international collaboration symposium starts today at the German University of Technology.

The symposium aims to highlight the importance of international collaboration in scientific research and education. How cooperation can enriches research outputs, improves educational services and empowers users with the required means and resources. The members of OMREN were also introduced to the most important services provided by the United States Advanced Network for Scientific Research and Education (Internet 2) and the European Scientific Research and Education Network (GEANT).

Dr. AbdulMonem bin Ali Al Kharusi, OMREN Director, Opens the symposium by greeting the audience and appreciating the presence of a large number of vice presidents of universities and researchers and a number of technical IT members. He explained the interaction and cooperation between the members of the network and getting the international exposure in research will leverage the positive utilization of OMREN network and will enrich research activities in the Sultante. Dr. Abdulmonem also assured them that the connection between Sultan Qaboos University and most of the private universities and a number of colleges has been carried out. Moreover, a range of important services such as educational roaming, video meetings, Publications Databases of journals and e-books have been provided through OMREN. He praised the strategic partnership with OmanTel, which supports the sustainability of the project with accumulated experience not only in communications but also in the technical services that helped OMREN to take off rapidly and provide excellent services. Mr. Fadi Nasser, General Manager of ICT Services at OmanTel, welcomed the audience and presented the latest developments of Omantel in the technical aspect of the educational and scientific research activities.

Dr. Jonathan Chapman, Regional Director of Internet 2, was the keynote speaker at the symposium. He presented the services provided through the global networks in general and through Internet2 in specific and how to benefit from them. Chapman also cited examples of the most important joint research projects that researchers from different countries are working on across different research networks, which facilitate communication between them and open up prospects for research cooperation. Dr. Karl Mayer from GENAT also participated in the symposium via Virtual Meeting System, where he was speaking from the UK through one of the network’s application systems for international communication between the members. Meyer mentioned a wide range of collaborative services that the research and education community in Oman can benefit from. These services are provided by different universities and institutions that encourage cooperation, knowledge exchange and innovation.