In the last three days, Oman Research and education network (OMREN) have arranged an extensive workshop in IPv6 in coordination with RIPE NCC and Muscat University. The sixth version of the internet protocol (IPv6) backs a lot of features to support the explosive expansion of the Internet in our life and future. Technologies like IoT and smart cities would not be possible to implement without it. OMREN supports the spread of IPv6 usage in Oman through providing the infrastructure and training to its members. In order to enable the education and research community to get the full benefit of this future technology and to prepare our future information technology workforce and user through universities.

RIPE NCC is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. All the Internet addresses and management activities are done through RIPE NCC and it supports the academic community via multiple initiatives like RIPE NCC Academy and RACI competition. Muscat university is one of the newest universities in Oman. It is affiliated with Aston university for Bachelor Degree and with Cranfield university for the Masters Degree. It is targeting high-quality education sector and providing trainings to improve students skills. It’s worth to mention that Muscat university gives one year job trainings to its students in order to increase their readiness for jobs.