As part of the endeavors of the Secretariat General of the Education Council to make the educational projects in the Sultanate of Oman known to the public, Dr. Abdel Moniem bin Ali Al Kharousi , the Director of the Project of the Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) at the Research Council, conducted a presentation through which he reviewed the project at the premises of the Secretariat General of the Education Council. The presentation was attended by some members of the Education Council, specialists from concerned government organs and officials of the Secretariat General of the Education Council. The presentation gave a brief account on the project, its objectives, beneficiaries and electronic applications which are used, as well as desired outcomes resulting from establishment of such unified system under the umbrella of the Oman Research and Education Network.


The presentation also addressed challenges that face the project. The Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) is one of the most remarkable projects which the Research Council is dedicated to implement at present. Through this network, a strong infrastructure shall be constructed to assist in the process of development of research and education in the Sultanate of Oman. Such infrastructure is considered as a major pivot to build research capacity and local capabilities in different scientific fields. The network shall serve administrations of educational institutions, researchers, public and private institutions which provide support to students as well as parents, teachers and students. It shall also help in improving international cooperation through linkages with international research institutions. Moreover, the network endeavors to link educational institutions and their associates as well as research, health and cultural units, the telecommunication sector and information systems by a high quality and fast network which enables users to communicate electronically easily. It shall also enable them to establish virtual research and scientific communities and enrich the society with the latest researches and other publications in different fields of knowledge. This network shall enable Omani researchers to have direct contact with international experts in different fields.


The network is now connecting 23 educational institutions in Oman to international research and education networks in different countries. Such connection provides quick and easy access to information, data and applications. The presentation was followed by discussion and answers to many questions as well as exchange of different ideas, proposals and visions which contribute to overcoming challenges and difficulties that face the project. Suggestions were also made regarding establishment of mechanisms to maximize benefits and make the most of this network so as to improve educational services offered by higher education institutions.